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Complaints or growing pains?

Quite often churches are in a transition of change or growth and don’t know it. We think increased attendance and new members are the only ‘tell-tell’ sign. It isn’t. Its not so much ‘what it looks like’ but more so ‘what it sounds like’. Complaints signal something needs to change or is changing. Many times,

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Boundaries For Leaders by Henry Cloud

If you deal with people, then you deal in relationships, and any leader isn’t a guru in every situation. Dr. Cloud, a clinical psychologist, teaches practical application of psychological principles for business management, which can also directly apply for pastors and church leaders. Very helpful. Its in my library.   http://

Sticky Church

What do you do when you have so many people joining your church but just as many leave? One of the best books ever written about getting people and keeping people from leaving your church. Super practical read about closing the back door. Highly recommended. http://

Leadership Axioms by Bill Hybels

Leadership Axioms by Bill Hybels If you don’t have a lot of time but want to learn in less than 15mins or less? Great 1-line axioms and 2-pager leadership lessons for church staff/ lead pastors! Everything I’ve read of his is good. Its worth the money. click the link below.

Hello world!

11/16/2015 Its been some time since its conception but we are nearly through with construction. I am excited about this blog and see the opportunity to influence and equip others to integrate their faith with their lifestyle…not always easy to transition, right? Soon the podcast will be hooked up on iTunes and you can listen

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