Complaints or growing pains?

Quite often churches are in a transition of change or growth and don’t know it. We think increased attendance and new members are the only ‘tell-tell’ sign. It isn’t. Its not so much ‘what it looks like’ but more so ‘what it sounds like’.

Complaints signal something needs to change or is changing. Many times, its voiced when one loses the attention or control they once enjoyed. People who grumble may not be complaining for this reason but may want a solution to their issue but don’t know how to arrive at it. Complaints indicate dissatisfaction. If that dissatisfaction expressed is for improvement, then its good,..just may not be expressed the best way.  When the visible signs of growth show in your church, expect to hear complaints. Just as the human body feels the ache from growth, church members will ‘ache’ because growth causes changes in routine, where classes meet, where they sit, priority decreases to them while another  group receives more.

Recognizing this and speaking to it with people helps them understand better the motive behind grievance and the need to be patient and flexible in working out the fix.  Its a matter of communicating & managing the growth/change.

Any example to share?


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