Church business meetings are nightmares!

The sub group in your church who’s trying to make a power play show in your next business meeting. Some sit together; some scatter out to avoid the notice of alliance. One starts out of the gate immediately implying deficiencies and spewing out untruths to cast doubt in an smoke screen meant to confuse and overwhelm. Another speaks out flanking you from the side. Amateur in handling confrontation, the good & ‘innocent’ beside you remain silent.

How do you handle it?

First, Be self-aware and self-manage well. Be aware of your feelings. When you feel the need to blast somebody, recognize these rising feelings. Take slow deep breaths. Think thru what you will say and how you will respond slowly. Meter your response. Tell yourself they are ‘just people’. Often we treat people like God, fearing what they will say and do more than fearing the real God and what He instructs we should do. Don’t fear their facial expression or emotional vomit. It’ll be OK.

Learn to ask ‘why’. Why did you say that?   You seem angry. Why?  What do you really want to accomplish here?

Seek the facts and talk about facts. Trying to discuss exaggeration, hearsay, and imagined false realities will get you no where. Don’t allow emotional bullying intimidate you. Its OK to tell them ‘That’s not acceptable”. Be immune to it. Remember, you are in control of you: they are responsible for themselves. Create the best atmosphere you can so dialogue can take place by self-managing.




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