Today’s Church Reforms-Not Exactly the Reformation

Reform is definitely in the air in the nation and rightly needed in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) on many fronts finally; prejudices, treatment of women & their ministry roles, misuses of power & politics on various levels.
Some Baptists are trying catch their breath because it is change, while many others have been ‘waiting to exhale’ for years…decades!
Some of you who read this have already moved on to another denom. Some of my Baptists friends may be upset about this attention. (Mad Baptists…never seen that before!🙄.)
I agree with these changes. It’s past time. I’m sorry it’s taken so long.
If there’s any organization that ought to do what it does better than society and the rest of the world, it ought to be the Christ’s Church (and any and all of its Christian denominations)!
Please see this as a good thing…to get back on track and do better.
More reforms will come. It’s not over.
Another social ripple in the SBC we will see soon; an official reformed stance on and stigma of those divorced in ministry.

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