For My BRCWC Fellow Writers

Writing is a noble.

Let me first say what a pleasure it is to meet ¬†and get to know so many of you. (It really prioritized my attention about how to use a meal time to intentionally get to know another. There’s a real lesson there.)

If you think about it, writing is very important. Writing is communication and it is by communication that everything we do revolves from how we live, the education we’ve received, relationships we’ve entered and left, how money is spent to what is believed and convicted the heart of people down through the ages. The written word in paperback, on sticky note or the internet, what people learn and communicate came through most often by what has been written. From high profile politicians to pastors to a mother of a preschooler, people read and are influenced. That’s what writing does. Its meant to reach out to someone else and affect the heart or mind of another and thereby affect their life. That’s what we hope, right? Writing has influence not simply because its written but when its read. When you pen your thoughts and what comes out of your heart and experience of life, that by God’s inspiration, it is your hope that it positively affects the lives of others. So writing really is a noble undertaking; potentially powerful.

So I encourage you to write. Pull back out your Conference notes and listen to the workshop downloads. I know how you pain-stakingly pore over every line, distilling each word for near perfection. Continue. Kudos and a pat on the back as you strive to influence ‘your world’. May you touch many.

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