Powerful Words

Consider your words. They have power. By your words you employ someone to do the work you tell them. I spoke to and hired a building contractor. By my words, he did the work I told him and a house was built. Your words can make things happen. That’s part of the ability of our make-up as we have been made in the image of God..to speak and things are affected, made, built up, torn down!

Ever said something that hurt another; a friend, a spouse, your child. They can cause injury to the heart and cause real damage to a relationship! Everyone of us can recall some careless word, maybe an intentional insult, said by a parent that has created an insecurity. It becomes a sensitive ‘hot button’ that is pushed unsuspectingly by somebody else, setting you off and they’re left wondering What did I say?. Now go to the other end of the spectrum. What if you said the positive heart-felt words you’ve been longing to say but have held back…words that person has been dying to hear you say? Maybe you’ve thought that if you did you’d lose¬†hand in the relationship because you made yourself vulnerable and put it out there. But thats the risk you take. Think about how enriched your relation could be. If you don’t do it, its lost by forfeit.

Thought about the power of God’s words?
He is God. He is the ONLY sovereign. That means He can do whatever He wishes, has the power to do it and doesn’t need to check with anyone nor suffer consequences from anyone. At creation, His words had power to create (accomplish) what they meant, and they did. They still do. He said in scripture that My word will return to me void (that it will accomplish what I want it to)Isaiah 55:11. His true words in scripture have power to change our attitude, what we think, what we believe and thereby how we behave, AND others too! It may not be quick but it will come. Faith comes by hearing God’s words(God-breathed, inspired scripture)Hebrews 10:17.¬†There is power in His spoken word and so there is power when we speak His words.
Speak them aloud to yourself and to others today. In time, watch as things change!


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