When Your Leadership’s Beliefs Collide

Your the new pastor (or new business management). After less than 6 months the honeymoon has worn off and you begin to understand that your leadership team (and some church members) doesn’t jive with yours. What do you do?

We’re going to approach this from a ministry standpoint.

Whatever you believe the mission and vision to be, including how the team operates and accomplishes the mission, there may need to be education from the guiding source greater than your own opinion and word. From where do you get your knowledge base? Hopefully its from the Bible, and let’s assume it is…because it probably is. Education, training, leading people to understand a new or different mindset requires continual information upload into he mind. They need to hear you speak it. They need to read it. One time isn’t enough. Once a month isn’t enough. Several times a week is best; a minimum weekly. Since the Bible is the source and its been shown to them, they’ll need to decide if they will agree that source is authoritative and final. Thats a rub that has occurred ever since inception…to submit and adapt one’s thinking to God’s. This can take time. Leadership should come around in less than 6 months. Church members can take longer. Expect it. If people won’t agree with given time but not sacrificing progress and movement, it may be time for a critical conversation to answer the question…’can we continue together?’. ┬áDetermine how much time is enough based upon the critical nature and time frame to not impede progress. It doesn’t mean they have to leave the organization as long as their disagreement doesn’t jeopardize unity and mission…because they are important.

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