Purging Your Church From Heresy and Evil

Some years after the advent of Christianity, false teachings and heresies of all kinds formulated; some variations so very close a DNA match with true Christianity that are near difficult to tell the difference while others were overtly different opposing Christ’s teaching. Many of the New Testament writers; Paul, James, Peter, Jude, had a lot to say about being aware of Satan’s guerrilla infiltration into churches.

How we need to test teachings, beliefs, and spirits to God’s word. Too often we don’t because of the guise of offending someoneĀ or going along with their old belief as tradition so don’t rock the boat when its really false and needs to be confronted and cut out! Beliefs and teachings like the true sovereignty of the New Testament Church. Heard that one? I had a deacon tell me that’s what we needed to return to…where the church is sovereign, controls itself, decides for itself everything,..that the church had final authority. They would not submit to the authority of God’s Word, and on lesser levels…not to the pastor, or bylaws, and broke even civil laws of the State. Some of these church members came from another church and obviously were taught this same thing, for they all believed it. As a result, they had a problem submitting to authority of God’s Word and fighting against pastors. They allowed another church with deviated truth to rent space. All kinds of shenanigans were going on like it was the Wild West. I retorted that the ONLY sovereign is the Lord Jesus Christ in several messages. Backs arched in defiance, but the Apostle Paul wrote that pastors must contend for the faith and confront false teaching. The church belongs to Jesus and He Alone is the head, He decides all things, much that is taught in His Word already.

Other false teachings may be that baptism must take place in this or that church baptistry to be valid, salvation can only be dispensed thru a certain denomination or local church, that salvation isn’t grace ONLY, that some things are sins that really aren’t and some things that aren’t that really are. Others still like God loves me just the way I am AND He doesn’t expect me to change…or God loves everyone and no one will go to Hell…or there is no Hell. The lists go on in small deviations and great degrees. There are so many.

Satan’s false teachings are myriad. We must know God’s truth WELL to be able to recognize the lies. When we do, we must confront them repeatedly, even expelling them if they are unwilling to submit to the truth. Its not common to do so because we’ll be called intolerant and judgmental, which are Satan’s tactics to manipulate Christians to give in to the pressure to conform to his worldly way. It doesn’t do anyone any good to bend the truth and teaching of God to a lie. How good and well would medicine work if it were only 50%, 70% or 80% pure while the other percent is harmful? Wouldn’t 100% purity provide the best and quickest healing? The good and freedom of God’s Word only comes and is helpful and healing when it is distilled from man’s tradition, opinion, poor study and fallacy.

Know God’s Word well. Be courageous to confront fallacy in every degree. Real love will. Souls of many are on the line.

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