God IS UnFair!

Ever heard from the Bible the story of Joseph? He was youngest son of a large family, 12 kids and counting. For whatever reason His father, Jacob, seemed to love him more, and blessed Joseph with a coat of many colors. It represented favor, blessing…and authority. No wonder his older brothers plotted to get rid of him.

Kids have a keen awareness about fairness. Growing up, my brother and sisters and I always kept a watchful eye for how our parents treated us, being sure to speak up if one received a better blessing. Usually, the markers we looked for were better gifts at birthdays and Christmas, more money, greater leniency with curfews or some kind of favor. As the youngest, I got the coat of many colors, or so it seemed. From time to time they railed citing Unfair!, to which I say You shouldn’t have been born before me! 

Funny, its doesn’t stop there. We think it as adults if we see a peer who seems to have a better blessed life on social media…and what do we think? God, that’s not fair! You know what? You’re right. God has been AND IS unfair. He really is.

Fairness means in accordance with the rules, to treat equitably (not necessarily equal), with no greater advantage/disadvantage. It isn’t fair that He loved us before we ever knew Who He was.  It isn’t fair that He is faithful to never leave us, to hear our prayers, to provide when we get in tight spots,..helping us in so many ways when we are so unfaithful to Him. It isn’t fair that He is merciful, kind and gracious towards us. Thats not according to the rules. The rules say Whoever sins offends God and is worthy to die (For the wages of sin is death). It isn’t fair that Jesus died in our place and rose again so that not only could we be forgiven but could live with God’s favor, abundance, be adopted as His child, made legitimate inheritors of His promises and representatives for Him,  (Acts 1:32-2:4, Romans 8:15-17, 1 Peter 2: 4,9). According to the rules, we don’t deserve any of it, including being loved so much that He wanted to make a way that we could be forgiven and have real communion with God our Creator. That’s not fair. Fairness says You get what you deserve. God hasn’t given us what we deserve yet.  In His mercy, He has withheld what we do deserve…and extends far more to us things we don’t deserve in His loving grace, each and every one a different colored blessing, thereby clothing every believer with a favored, coat of many colors.

The next time envy and self-pity encroaches, remember how God has been unfair, blessing far far more than what is deserving.

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