About Us

PracticalFaith is a solutions-based blog and podcast platform teaching principle truths for a relevant, practical daring faith. From the biblical insights, experience and teaching ministry of Wayne DesLattes, for all spiritual phases of living from the new seeker to veteran minister and church, applicable biblical truths are exhorted and taught leading to fully-maturing Christ-centered living, covering such topics as spiritual health, church growth, problematic cultural issues, riskful living and management.


Wayne currently pastors in Louisiana, has been an invited conference speaker and writer published in newspaper & magazine.
He graduated from LSU with a Bachelors in CardioPulmonary Science in 1990. He later attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and LA Baptist Theological Seminary in Shreveport earning his Masters in Theology and is currently earning a PhD. in theology.
Wayne has served in ministry for over 20 yrs to various churches in youth ministry, evangelism, church planting as well as consulted helpful insights to pastors & churches for improved church health. He is married and has three children.