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Churches Can Struggle Or Get Savvy.

Is your church struggling with growth and dealing with societal changes? Being shrewd, astute and savvy isn’t ungodly. Some people consider it giving in to the world. It isn’t worldly but wise. Its being aware of your surroundings, the generation, the society and changes taking place, and adapting(not adopting) how we do Kingdom business. Jesus told his

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What Do You Think About Yourself; The Importance Of Self-Perception

People will always say something about you-what they think about you. You can ask 10 people what they think about and many will have something different to say. Who will you believe then? What some people say matters because you respect and trust them. You know they care about you.  But then there are others

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Today’s Church Reforms-Not Exactly the Reformation

Reform is definitely in the air in the nation and rightly needed in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) on many fronts finally; prejudices, treatment of women & their ministry roles, misuses of power & politics on various levels. Some Baptists are trying catch their breath because it is change, while many others have been ‘waiting

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