What Do You Think About Yourself; The Importance Of Self-Perception

People will always say something about you-what they think about you. You can ask 10 people what they think about and many will have something different to say. Who will you believe then? What some people say matters because you respect and trust them. You know they care about you.  But then there are others with whom it shouldn’t matter as much.
What’s more important is what you think about you and what God thinks about you.
Gideon didn’t think much about himself. God did. And it took God several times repeating to Gideon what He thought about him and what His promises to Gideon were.

Repeatedly, the Lord reinforced to Gideon that he was a mighty warrior. Gideon didn’t see himself like that. God did. Because Gideon didn’t readily believe it, the Lord repeated it. We are like that, too. We need someone who believes in us and tells us, and often, so that we will believe it.

What do you think about yourself?
The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7 ‘As a man thinks of himself in his heart, so is he.’ In the confines of our minds, we self-talk. Largely, we act (and don’t act) based upon what we believe about ourselves. That’s why reading and studying God’s Word is so important to reprogramming what we think about Him and about ourselves. He has made mankind in His image. Thats an incredible honor distinguished upon us! Let’s act like who He has made us to be.

Do you think good healthy things about yourself?
Do you know what God thinks about you? What His promises are to you?
Listen to Him. Believe what He says about you.
Judges 6:11-22.

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